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Oskari Kosola In Finnish

Hello! Nice to see you on my site. Let me tell you something about myself and introduce some links to the hobbies that fill my life now when the working life is just a distant memory and not even summer holidays disturb any more. So there is plenty of time to conduct and arrange music for the Seniors of the Male Choir of Hämeenlinna and the Show Choir Cantitores. If you want to know more about Finnish choirs, try the pages of Sulasol and Viihdekuoroliitto.

Osku08 The high summer, when the choirs were having siesta, I used to go gliding (in the air).The ship in the picture is known by her contest sign "IK" and during the past years she carried me to three national championships and sixteen national records. Besides my home country Finland I have soared the skies of Australia in Waikerie, Hawaii, Colorado Springs, and Lingen, Germany. However, the most exotic place to fly has been an old war base in North Finland, nearly two hundred miles north of Arctic Circle and possibly the northernmost gliding site in the world. Because my Gold Badge is still missing the Altitude Diamond, I was dreaming of a trip to Nevada, to try the mountain waves of Minden, but it was a dream not to come true. More information of the aviation in Finland you may obtain from the pages of Suomen Ilmailuliitto (Finnish Aeronautical Association).

Long time ago I used to go every summer fishing and hiking in Lapland (northernmost part of Finland, well above the Arctic Circle, the land of reindeers and Santa Claus, you know). Now when I have time I have been warming up that old hobby again. I have also participated in my brother's elk hunting safari in Lapland.

OetH01 My wife Hilkka has patiently struggled by my side more than fifty years, following me as far as to Iraq and Arab Emirates where I spent ten years of my life working for the export projects of Nokia and IVO Engineering (presently Fortum). Salaamu aleikum and marhaba to all the friends that share the experience.

Osku09 In the past years I spent lot of time on pistol shooting range but lately I have concentrated to more peaceful hobbies. Suomen Ampujainliitto (Finnish Shooting Association) is the top organisation of Finnish shooting sport.

AetI02 My two sons Aarne and Ilkka have long ago "spread their wings and taken the sky".

Joel01 Juho09 Katar14b First grandson Joel was born in 1992, second one, Juho, in 1998, and first granddaughter, Katariina, in 2001, all to Ilkka's family.

One of my latest hobbies is genealogy. I have been able to follow some of my family lines to late 1500's and found many interesting ancestors and distant relatives. One of them is Lauri Laurinpoika Peltoniemi. Most of the church records of Finland are available in Internet on the pages of Suomen Sukututkimusseura.

All the best to you and thanks for your interest!

My home town Hämeenlinna

My email: osku35gmail.com